A new chapter for the Sports Hub


Why take ownership of the Sports Hub?

The aspirations and needs of our nation and the wider operating environment for sports and entertainment have changed considerably since the Sports Hub was first established under a public-private partnership (PPP) in 2010, not least the exciting upcoming developments we can expect to see at Kallang Alive over the next few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a transformative impact on travel, major events, sports and entertainment not just in Singapore, but globally. The demand for such major events has grown tremendously since and it is critical for Singapore’s sport and entertainment industry to emerge from the pandemic in a position of strength, especially amidst greater competition in the region. 

We want the Sports Hub to be a place Singaporeans enjoy and experience through enhanced community access and programming. We want the Kallang Roar to come to life in the Sports Hub and for the Sports Hub to be a place where Singaporeans, young and old, feel a strong sense of affinity and connection to.

We believe that more can be done to unlock the full potential of the Sports Hub on its own, and as part of Singapore’s plans for the wider Kallang Alive precinct and Vision 2030, Singapore’s sports masterplan.

For these reasons, SportSG has assessed that the time is right to conclude the PPP and pivot to a new model based on full ownership by the Government, with flexible partnerships with the private sector. This will allow the Sports Hub to better achieve our social, sporting and economic objectives, and keep up with the new operating context and needs of the nation.

The new plan for the Sports Hub

SportSG will set up a new corporate entity to own and manage the Sports Hub. We believe that this will unlock greater potential from the Sports Hub by allowing closer integration with other facilities within the Kallang Alive precinct, expanding the breadth and quality of world-class international events, and driving more community activities at the venue. 

SportSG intends to make the Sports Hub more accessible to the broader community in Singapore, in terms of sports, lifestyle, entertainment and social uses, whilst maintaining its commercial sustainability. Whilst SportSG will own and manage the Sports Hub under this new structure, it will continue to work with partners from the private sector to deliver the highest quality service for the Sports Hub.

SportSG will officially take over the Sports Hub on 9 December 2022. Both SportSG and SHPL are committed to working closely together to ensure that the handover will be smooth and will not affect the day-to-day operations and programming of the Sports Hub.

Benefits of the new structure

The terms of the project agreement give SportSG the right to conclude the partnership with SHPL and take over ownership of the Sports Hub, at such time it sees fit. There is no penalty for the termination, which can be done at any time SportSG chooses. Upon termination, SportSG will pay SHPL a sum assessed in accordance with the project agreement that is substantially comprising:

  1. The amount of the outstanding loan that was taken in respect of the construction of the Sports Hub. This is an expenditure that would have been incurred by SportSG had it financed the Sports Hub from the start, without the PPP; and
  2. A fair open market value of the Sports Hub. 

The cost of terminating the PPP arrangement and taking over operations of the Sports Hub is estimated to be comparable to the cost of continuing with the PPP arrangement until 2035. 


Unlocking Sports Hub's full potential for Singapore

1. Driving stronger affinity and value for Singaporeans through greater community use

by making Sports Hub venues more accessible to the public and to school sports, and by establishing it as a space for people to connect and bond over sport and other lifestyle activities.
2. Enabling closer integration of the Sports Hub with other facilities within the Kallang Alive precinct to deliver more seamless offerings

by integrating programmes across the entire precinct and capturing cross-asset operational and commercial synergies.
3. Taking a stronger hand in developing our local sport and lifestyle industry ecosystem

so that Singapore can strengthen its position as a top-tier sport and lifestyle destination amidst intensifying competition in the region through a busier, more varied and more sustained portfolio of events and enhanced customer experience.

Our immediate plans include organising more community activities, entertainment and lifestyle events, as well as mass participation and spectator sports events. For example, we will be hosting regular stadium open days for Singaporeans to visit and participate in activities in the National Stadium, and look forward to welcoming families to the venue. We will also make the Sports Hub home to school sports, bringing the national school games back to our venues so school children can participate, compete in, and watch sports at our national sporting icon. More details on this will be released in due course.

The Sports Hub will play a critical role in achieving our goals for Kallang Alive! – our vision to rejuvenate the Sports Hub and the Kallang area first announced in 2019. Over the next few years, the Sports Hub and its surrounding areas will become an integrated ecosystem capable of hosting world-class sports and events, serving as training ground for national athletes, supporting community participation in sport, and stimulating growth and innovation in the sports industry.


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